All animals boarded at Riverview must have up-to-date vaccinations, including kennel cough for dogs. If you discover these vaccinations are out-of-date, they must be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. Proof of vaccinations must be provided prior to check-in, we reserve the right to refuse boarding if the vaccinations are not valid or given within the adequate time frame.

All cats and dogs boarded at Riverview are done so at the owner’s risk. All dogs must be fit, in good condition and of a pleasant temperament when boarding and any previous or current illnesses or conditions that could affect your dog or cat during their stay must be disclosed. In the event of your dog(s) or cat(s) falling ill during boarding we reserve the right to call in a veterinary surgeon. The owner must cover all costs including veterinary charges, transportation etc, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure they have enough funds to cover this. We reserve the right to turn away any dog or cat we feel not suitable to be boarded at Riverview. We are not liable for any accident or injury occurred during transport of your animal.

No visitors are allowed during boarding unless previously agreed by the owner. Without the owner’s permission we reserve the right to refuse visitation.



We have constructed and furnished our kennels and cattery to make your dog or cats stay as comfy and homely as possible. We reserve the right to seek compensation for any damages caused by your dog or cat during their stay, if you have any doubt your dog will chew or destroy, we must be made aware of this and alternative bedding must be supplied by the owner. Any belongings provided at check-in are done so at the owner’s risk, we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any belongings provided at check-in.



All food must be supplied for your dog or cats entire stay, if insufficient food has been given, we reserve the right to feed any brand of food we see fit and the cost must be covered by the owner. We ask that you provide your own treats for your pet, if treats are not provided and yes to treats allowed has been ticked on the booking form you agree we can use any brand of treats we see fit.



Check-in and check-out must be between the hours of 10:30am-12noon. We do not accept check-in or check-outs outside of these hours unless previously agreed and an extra charge will apply. If you are late, we reserve the right to refuse collection or drop-off without any form of contact and an extra night will be charged.



If your dog is not to be mixed with other dogs, we must be made aware of this. Although careful measures are taken when mixing and socialising dogs together, we do not accept any liability for any injuries or accidents that occurs to your dog during this time.


Data Protection

We retain essential client data for our business purposes only and do not share any client’s data with external organisations. You can request by e-mail at any time that we remove personal data from our records.